Event Focus

If you’re responsible for the success of an event let us help you make it MONUMENTAL.

A MONUMENTAL event can come in all shapes and sizes and include two people or thousands. Participants can attend either in-person or virtually.

The success of your event depends on the choices made on your behalf and the people making those choices. We’re known for our ability to successfully activate the right team who make the right choices.

Optimize Time Together

Reach your audience remotely without losing that personal touch through our collaborative platform comprised of rich interactions, compelling content, knowledge checks, and valuable real-time feedback.

Cut costs not content

Connect with and engage your audience through a live broadcast medium at a fraction of the cost incurred by traditional in-person meetings.

Make it Memorable

Whether providing a single segment or producing the whole show, we'll make it fun, impactful, and lasting.

It was one of the most innovative training experiences that I've ever been a part of and MONUMENTAL was the company and the partner that came up with this training solution where it ended up resulting in one highest rated meetings we've ever had.

J. BauerManager, Sales Training - Immunology Business Unit, UCB, Inc.