Sales Focus

People together + correct technology + right vehicle = improve sales outcome.

We care up-front.

Equip, encourage, coach, counsel and celebrate your sales teams with the right technology and MONUMENTAL solution. Key members of our staff have become Administrators and our unique sales-centric focus allows us to spend the time necessary to understand your particular goals and craft a relevant campaign that ultimately helps you attain your important sales objectives. We care throughout. We’re known for custom solutions, not just a menu of options.

We care past the end.

Start Strong

Inform and inspire your sales force through innovative and personalized campaigns and themed initiatives that promote individual, departmental and corporate growth.

Maintain Momentum

Motivate, track and measure against key milestones.

Celebrate Success

Recognize the accomplishments of your team, highlight deserving members and reveal contest results with style.

The video vignettes of the role-plays that you shot and produced for our POA3 sales meetings look FANTASTIC! Not only are they of excellent quality, but the crazy 48-hour turnaround expectation that you exceeded was remarkable.

Thank you for your partnership, professionalism, and commitment to what we do…

J. BauerManager, Sales Training - Immunology Business Unit, UCB, Inc.